A Grace Filled Heart

To embrace life...

the joys and the sorrows

with All your heart

with All your mind


with All your soul...

Creates a Spirit

of care



any experience...

Such expressions

have an angelic quality


a collection of moments

simultaneously revealing

A Grace Filled Heart.

— Sam Oliver

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"This is an inspirational book that pulled at my heart! A must read if you are in the process of finding your authentic you."

- Bridgette Martel, Director of Operations Amedisys Hospice


Have you ever wondered if you have an angel walking beside you through life? This book shares insights into how we are guided personally and helped to realize who we really are. It outlines 7 promises we make at birth to the angel promised to us and the promise our angel makes to us as well.

It is a fictional book based on universal truths seen in many sacred texts. When you read this book, you will find elements of your own story reflected in them. Your soul and imagination will come alive with anticipation at this Novel being more than a possibility in your own life...

It is a book for anyone of any religious background. It can be read as a philosophical text that reveals what is sacred to each of us. "Angel of Promise" does share how we mature into adulthood and become more soul than body over time. Since it is a fictional book, you can read it without having to filter it through your own beliefs. ____

" Angel of Promise is full of insight and inspiration. What a joy it was to take the journey with Lee on the path to self discovery and peace. If only we all had such an angel, to allow us to explore our own experiences and to guide us through the transition from suffering to healing."

- Jodi Williamson Hanley, Amedisys Hospice Social Worker

Angel of Promise - a novel
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