A Grace Filled Heart

To embrace life...

the joys and the sorrows

with All your heart

with All your mind


with All your soul...

Creates a Spirit

of care



any experience...

Such expressions

have an angelic quality


a collection of moments

simultaneously revealing

A Grace Filled Heart.

— Sam Oliver

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God a Logs

Reverend Oliver’s book is a wonderful tool for dying people at the end of life and their loved ones. Its warmth and deep wisdom takes you to a new level of spirituality. Sam guides you through the last chapter of life and explores dying’s inner struggle and personal transformation. This book is a source of comfort. It will make you reflect on the mysterious and beautiful fulfillment that awaits each of us during the end of life’s journey.

— Cynthia Poe RN, Manager of Hospice Inpatient Services in Akron


God a Logs on Death and Dying by Samuel Oliver provides the stepping stones we all can follow on our life journeys. Each daily devotional is an opportunity to uncover within ourselves an understanding of the mystery in the transition from life to death.

— Patricia Myers LSW, Hospice Social Worker


The dying processes of a loved one is intensely personal - there is much we would like to say yet we are unsure how to begin. Chaplain Oliver encourages the reader to take the hand of God and walk through the process together.noticing what is needed for that day only. I believe this book can be a tool for healing and growth for those caring for the dying.

— Rochelle Sheppard, MA, LPCC-S; Certified Grief Counselor; ADEC Certified in Thanatology; Spiritual Care & Bereavement Services Coordinator

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