A Grace Filled Heart

To embrace life...

the joys and the sorrows

with All your heart

with All your mind


with All your soul...

Creates a Spirit

of care



any experience...

Such expressions

have an angelic quality


a collection of moments

simultaneously revealing

A Grace Filled Heart.

— Sam Oliver

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Sam Oliver’s Another Path into Healing is an inspiring call to action. The focus on the masculine part of the soul brings the reader into what he calls “focused intention.” We all have elements of the feminine and masculine within us. It’s the unity of these sides that brings balance into our lives. While the feminine side is nurturing, the masculine side is about movement and action. Another Path into Healing can help either gender move from a point of incubation (feminine) to action (masculine), thus bringing an idea into fruition. “Another Path into Healing” offers a thoughtful look at the human condition and how we best function.

— Carol Bradley Bursack , author of Minding Our Elders


“Sam Oliver’s latest work, Another Path into Healing, accompanies the individual through perhaps the most exciting part of the healing journey—the manifestation of one’s most cherished dreams. It guides the reader through the masculine side of the soul with a wonderful balance of inspiration and realism, and reveals that the fulfillment of our individual dreams is not a solo process, but one that brings us closer to those around us in the rich interdependent web we are all part of.”

— Ty Clement, author of Being Ourself


I urge anyone who is now awakening into their soul, please read this book, open your heart and soul and you will find your path also. Abundance and healing will follow you.

— Linda Hoffman, sales consultant, Vita Mark International

Another Path into Healing
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