A Grace Filled Heart

To embrace life...

the joys and the sorrows

with All your heart

with All your mind


with All your soul...

Creates a Spirit

of care



any experience...

Such expressions

have an angelic quality


a collection of moments

simultaneously revealing

A Grace Filled Heart.

— Sam Oliver

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This book shares a story of transformation. It is a journey into what is highest in all of us. The Angelic qualities this Novel reveals are levels of awareness in each of us. Let your creative imagination reflect on the nature of soul, and how, each of us embody spiritual attributes known to be in the realm of Angels.


“Sam Oliver has done it again! Angel Marie ... is a thought provoking and heartfelt book. I am sure all of us have visited the place in us that spawned this story. We can all relate and appreciate the meaningful message in this book.” — Dr. Eric Shapira, Author of A New Wrinkle: What I learned from Older People Who Never Acted Their Age.


“A novel like no other of it’s kind on Angels as told through the eyes of a child. It helps add meaning to an unthinkable loss.” — Kara Sweatt, RN, BSN Director of Hospice Care


Another powerful and touching novel by Sam Oliver. Sam Oliver can get into the Soul of life and explain soul life in an way that touches every loving emotion we as humans are so very capable of. If you have ever had a miscarriage you will want to read this book to understand the deeper meaning of your loss.

Linda Hoffman

Health and Nutrition Coach

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Angel Marie by Sam Oliver

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